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Our Services

 Guard Services for Hire

Security guards are a crucial part of keeping your property safe. They are an excellent visual deterrent to would-be criminals or intruders, and a well-trained security guard can quickly respond to incidents unlike any other security solution. Here at H and S Investigations Group, we provide the best security guard services in the Area, with customized security guard solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Standard Guard Services

Whether you’re looking to protect a construction site, business, or commercial property, standard security guards are a great crime deterrent and can seamlessly integrate with your operation. Not every security situation or need is the same, and we provide three levels of standard security guards to best fit you and your organization:
  • Standard Guards—entry-level security guards that provide basic security. 
  • Advanced Guards—experienced security guard supervisors with years of experience.
  • Veteran Guards—ex-law enforcement and ex-military personnel with additional training.

Mobile Patrol

When you need security guards to deter theft or vandalism but don’t need a constant security guard presence, mobile patrol security services are an ideal option. Our marked mobile patrol vehicles are driven by our certified security guards and can efficiently patrol an entire workplace, providing a cost-effective alternative to standard guard services. Mobile patrol routes and patrol frequency can be customized to your specific security needs.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards provide the highest level of private security possible, but at

Providing Armed Protection for Your Business

If your business is at high risk for being burglarized or vandalized, a standard security guard or video surveillance system alone might not be enough to deter these threats. Armed guards are commonly used when other options aren’t enough. At H and S Investigations Group, our highly trained and field-experienced armed guards are able to recognize, analyze, and react to high-stress situations to keep your property protected from the unpredictable nature of criminals or disgruntled employees. Owe believe it’s not enough to simply provide guards with weapons. Whether you need armed security guards for a one-off event or as a regular deterrent, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Security Guard Provider

H and S Investigations Group can provide the security guard services that you need. No matter if you require standard security guards, mobile patrol, or armed security guards, you’ll find that our guards will provide peace of mind and perform admirably. we’re a full-service security company that will work with you to find the best security solution, be it guards, alarms, or something else. Let’s get our partnership started—contact us online today.